Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing Aid Fitting

Your Audiologist has been university-trained earning not only an undergraduate degree, but also a Doctoral degree in Audiology.  They will be licensed to identify, evaluate, diagnose, and treat your hearing loss.  On the basis of our education, extensive training and skillset, we are the most qualified to assess/treat hearing loss and fit hearing aids.

Medicine has been described as art and a science; this is also directly applicable to the selection and fitting of hearing aids.  It can be partially “art” to learn the listening needs and lifestyle of a patient and partially “science” to know how the correctly set and adjust the aids to the patient’s hearing loss. This is  a constant balance of technology and features with needs and expectations.

Purchasing hearing aids is not like making most other purchases in your life such as a TV or even glasses.  Hearing aids must be specifically adjusted and programmed to the individual needs of each patient, this is not something successfully completed over the internet, phone, mail, or by an untrained individual.

The most important component in the selection and fitting of hearing aids is the relationship and rapport established between the patient and audiologist.  The features and technology in hearing aids can only be unlocked by your audiologist, so it is imperative that you have a good relationship so that they can know how you need the hearing aid to work best for you.  Without taking the time to get to know each individual patient and their needs, it is impossible to select the exact device that will work for them.

The initial evaluation or hearing exam (approximately 45-60 minutes)

  1. If hearing aids are recommended, a demonstration can be completed or scheduled for a later date to take approximately 60 minutes.
  2. After testing is completed and all questions are answered about hearing aids and you and your audiologist have decided on the best hearing aid solution for you, hearing aids are ordered and a fitting appointment will be scheduled.
  3. The fitting appointment (approximately 60 minutes)
  4. Initial fitting and programming of the instruments
  5. Verification/validation the aids are appropriately amplifying to your individual needs
  6. Care/maintenance of the aids
  7. Warranty information
  8. After initial fitting a 24-48 hour follow up call will be made to you by your audiologist to check in
  9. 1-2 week follow up appointment will be scheduled at the time of the initial fitting
  10. The follow up appointment is utilized to reiterate care and maintenance information and also to determine if any adjustments need to be made to the aids after wearing them for 1 week.
  11. Follow up appointment frequency will be determined at each subsequent appointment typically after initial fitting and follow up regular check-ups are scheduled ever 3-4 months