Hearing Loss: Visible or Invisible?

It is easy to think that hearing loss is invisible.  It does not have a unique shape, you cannot touch or pick up hearing loss, it has no tangible mass, smell (thank goodness), or color.  However, it is sensed and recognized often by loved ones and family members before the actual patient.

I saw a coffee mug while in graduate school that read, “Your hearing loss is much more visible than your hearing aids will be.”  It is a great joke but it rings so true especially today with the advent of microprocessor technology and the miniaturization of microphones and amplifiers.

Many of my first time patients report they made the appointment for hearing testing only to placate the wishes of their spouse or family member.  To the patient everyone else mumbles or speaks too softly, to their family the patient is deaf as a post, rude, irritating, or hearing selectively.

It is interesting how the question of visibility is based purely on perspective.  To the patient suffering from a gradual onset hearing loss the problem may be invisible while at the same time their family and friends are acutely aware of a hearing issue.

If you are 55 or older, an annual hearing evaluation is highly recommended to monitor your hearing health. The best solution is to call Accessible Hearing Aids for at least a hearing screening or better yet a comprehensive hearing evaluation.  Hearing testing will verify if there is a visible hearing loss you are unaware of or if you should get a new set of family and friends…(only kidding)  After a comprehensive hearing evaluation, you will be well aware of any notable hearing loss and what is the best solution moving forward.