The 5 Emotional and Mental Benefit of Listening to Music

Recent studies have shown that listening to music improves our mood and emotions as well as our overall mental state. Each of us encounters music daily, whether it be while watching a television commercial while taking a ride in an elevator, or hearing your grandchildren sing.

Here are the top 5 benefits of listening to music that can change your emotional and mental state drastically!

1. Music Lightens Depression
A neuroscientist from McGill University determined that when people listen to their favorite songs, a large amount of dopamine is released, leading to feelings of excitement and happiness.

2. Music Increases Positivity
Billy Joel said that music is healing and rightly so. Singing along and dancing to your favorite beat will increase positive emotion allowing you to feel the maximum healing benefits of music.

3. Music Reduces Anxiety and Stress
Instrumental music and slow tempo songs can have a very calming effect. Think of the music that is playing at your spa! It is meant to relax you and reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, and even blood pressure.

4. Music Increases Memory
Research has shown there is a relationship between music and memory strengthening. Music can help you focus clearly and even concentrate better.

5. Music Motivates
Music is the ultimate motivator! Upbeat, fast-paced songs help get your energy pumping at the gym and prep you up for big meetings or games.

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