How to Change the Battery on Your Behind The Ear (BTE) Hearing Aid

Depending on the hearing aid style and how long you wear them, hearing aid batteries can last anywhere from several days to a few weeks. As a device owner, it is important to know how to change your batteries. Most hearing aids are color coded. Red for the right ear and blue for the left ear. 

Here is how to change a battery on a behind the ear hearing aid:  

Step One – Activate Your Battery 
After taking the battery out of the packaging, remove the sticky label from the “+” of the new battery. Wait a full minute before inserting the battery into the device so that the battery can have time to absorb oxygen and activate it. This will ensure they will have full power in your hearing aids and will last awhile. 

Note: Your specific batteries are included in your box, They may not match the color battery pack depicted below.

Remove one battery per aid from the battery pack

Your exact sticker color may not be depicted below.  Pull the colored sticker away from the battery and let the battery sit face up for 5 minutes (Face-up is the flat side with + etched into the metal)

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Step Two – Remove the battery 
Open the battery door pulling out on the indicated nub.  The door is on a hinge that will swing open 180 degrees when fully opened.

Using the magnet pick up the battery

Step Three – Insert Battery

Insert the new battery into the drawer. Be sure that the “+” is facing upward. If you have installed the batteries correctly, closing the door of the drawer will be easy. If closing the door is difficult, check to make sure that that the battery is facing the correct way. 

Step Four – Close and activate
Close the battery drawer completely and turn the hearing aid on. Often times, the device will play a jingle to ensure that you properly replaced and installed a new battery. 

Step Five – Place onto your ear

Bonus tip: Place a towel on the surface that you are changing your batteries on. If for some reason your battery drops, it will not bounce onto the floor.

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