“Easy to understand and thorough. Great service.” – Josephine Aversa, 2023

“Great services always there to fix my hearaids if needed.” – Jacqueline Lefrere, 2023

“It was easy since he came to your house instead of going to his office.” – Nancy Adams, 2023

“I enjoy the personal service Dr.Griffith provides with in home hearing health.I have been a patient since 2019.He and his staff are a great team always courteous and helpful.” – Dolores Kelly, 2023

“Super nice Dr’s, very knowledgeable. listens to you on what problem you are having. They have several different types of hearing Aids available. Very happy with mine.” – Steve Higginbottom, 2023

“Extremely helpful in finding and implementing new hearing aids for father. Also assisted with replacements for ear tubes when they were damaged. Confident with there experience and dedication to their work.” – Mike Richard, 2023

“Dr. Griffith is knowledgable, courteous, and very professional. I have been pleased with his services since I started wearing hearing aids four years ago and would not use anyone else.” – Danny Nodurft, 2023

“I’m not a good patient because I expect my medical practitioners to be human, knowledgeable, current, and to treat me as an equal. Once I find someone who is all that like Dr. Tripp Griffith is, I become a loyal patient for life. Having had 5 other ENT’s who didn’t impress me at all, I’m keeping this one till he fires me.” – Will Sanders, 2023

“Dr.Griffith was incredibly knowledgeable and patient in guiding me to determine the best hearing aid solution. He is based in New Orleans but traveled to Baton Rouge when adjusting my new hearing aid to my specific auditory needs. I trust Dr Joe and highly recommend him.” – Jack Coote, 2023

“I have used Dr Joe Griffith for many years and he and his associates are fantastic! He has become like a family member and friend to me! Can’t recommend him more highly and he comes to your home!! He is both excellent at what he does and has a genuine care for his patients!!” – Wayne Wilkinson, 2023

“Dr. Griffith made the whole experience of new hearing aids so special. His attention to detail and willingness to explain and answer all questions made me very comfortable. I love my hearing aids as I’m hearing things that I forgot were there. I would highly recommend Accessible Hearing Aids to anyone who’s looking for the experience of hearing clearly again. Even my wife is tickled pink about it. You will be glad you made the call.” -Erik de Jong, 2019  

“Mr. Joe Griffith fixed Mr. Chauvin up. He said his great-grandson talked to him all the time but he didn’t hear him until he got the hearing aids. I would recommend highly.” – Linda T. Chatelain 11/04/2018

“Dr. Griffith was excellent. He came to my home so, his services are very convenient. He was patient and transparent explaining everything as we went along. Dr. Griffith spent over two hours conducting an assessment and reviewing all of the options. There was no hard sell. I chose the hearing aid that met all of my needs. He was very professional and I would highly recommend him. ” – Dolores K.  12/28/2018    

“Dr. Joe “Tripp” Griffith loves what he does, and it shows. He is patient, kind, thoughtful and listens thoroughly to each and every patient. It is very clear that his intentions are not to sell a service or a product, but to make sure that a patient is being treated with honesty. Such a rare quality that Dr. Griffith possesses these days!
If you or a loved one is considering hearing aids, or you think that you may need new ones, you will be in the best hands you could imagine. Dr. Griffith comes to YOUR home so that you do not have to fight traffic or parking. He will fit you with hearing aids that no one will be able to even tell that you are wearing!” – K. Glaudi 2016

“Dr. Griffith made everything so easy to get my elderly friend back to the hearing world! ” – Beth Picone 08/30/2018

” Accessible hearing aids makes the process easy! Dr. Griffith came to my home for the initial discussion and then for several fittings. He is patient and kind – highly recommended!” – Kristine Miller Faurn 09/27/2017

“There is just not enough space on here to list all the great things to say about Dr. Griffith! He treats you like a close family member and tells you the honest truth!” – Shirl Wedgeworth Logue 05/22/2018

“My mom needed new hearing aids but was unable to afford the high price through the regular agencies. Dr. Griffith came to her apartment complex and offered her 2 new hearing aids at an affordable price. He was so gentle and patient. We are very grateful for his kindness and hard work.” – Althea Bordelon 07/24/2017

“I had an excellent visit with Dr. Tripp yesterday for a hearing exam. He has an instantly likable personality. He is very professional and explained each step of the exam to me in layman’s terms which is easy to understand. I can highly recommend him to anyone with a hearing issue. He deserves 5 stars +” – Bob Young 06/09/2016

“Tripp is a very reliable representative for your company. I had the privilege of meeting someone that interested and concerned about me. His patience and he listen to what I have to say. He never rush me or put words into my mouth. I’m 75 years young and believe me when I said he is patience. He’s a role model for your company. He’s a five star employee for your company. I recommend to all of my family and friends that need hearing devices.” – G. Howard, 2019

Dr Griffith is very knowledgeable and a true professional. I am very pleased with my new world of hearing and it has brought more quality to my life. Thanks again Dr. Griffith and I highly recommend that anyone with a hearing loss contact him.” – Debbie Pichon Lopreore 01/11/2017

“He made it very easy and comfortable to test. He such a nice fellow. He was very thorough with explaining everything he was doing and all of my results, I learned a lot and I have a lot of information that’s going to be beneficial in my treatment.” – Rachel Tannenbaum Alcina 04/21/2016

“Came to our house for my husband’s hearing test. Prompt, professional, and friendly! He explained my husband’s hearing problems to our understanding, offered us options, and practical solutions. Would certainly recommend Dr. Griffith to everyone who has hearing issues!” – Emily Alherimi, 2017