Even when you properly care for and maintain your hearing aids, there may come a time when they are not working properly.  If your hearing aid suddenly stops producing sound, the battery door breaks, or the hearing aid is run through the washing machine (yes it has happened) please give your audiologist a call.  We can sometimes diagnose the issue over the phone and can help provide a quick and immediate solution.  If we are unable to offer a fix over the phone, we strive to keep same day appointments available for these repair emergencies.  Many hearing aid malfunctions can be fixed by your audiologist at an appointment, however, if the aid cannot be repaired the same day, the aid can be sent back to the manufacturer for a repair.

We are not limited to only hearing aids that we ourselves fit initially.  If you or a friend have hearing aids fit from a different office and would like to try our services, we will gladly inspect your hearing instruments.  We are able to service most major manufacturers’ hearing aids and can quickly tell you if we are unable to service your particular aids.

Repairs can be frustrating for you as the patient and we want to work as quickly as possible to keep your hearing aids working in the most optimal condition possible.  Any hearing instrument purchased from our company will come with a manufacturer’s warranty.  When that warranty expires you can purchase an additional warranty or you can pay a repair fee for any repairs.  If the warranty expires and you wish to pay for the repair, the manufacturer often places a new 6 month or 1-year warranty on the repair. Dr. Joe Griffith will discuss any possible charges or fees associated with any repair on your hearing instruments.