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Dr. Joe “Tripp” Griffith and Dr. Brooke Bohte of Accessible Hearing Aids give helpful tips and tutorials related to hearing aids. Watch below or visit our Accessible Hearing Aids YouTube Channel

Best Phone Placements For Hearing Aids
HOW TO: Bluetooth Connection to Apple Device
HOW TO: Remove A RIC Hearing Aid
HOW TO: How to Insert a RIC Hearing Aid
Hearing Aid Styles
HOW TO: Replace Receiver or Wire
HOW TO: Replace Battery
HOW TO: Replace Wax Filter
HOW TO: Pair Hearing Aid To An App
HOW TO: Replace Click Dome
HOW TO: Change Your Hearing Aids Battery
HOW TO: Charge Your Hearing Aid
HOW TO: Clean & Replace Your Hearing Aid Filter
Types of Batteries for Hearing Aids
HOW TO: Clean Hearing Aid Receiver
HOW TO: Clean & Replace Filter of Your Hearing Aid
HOW TO: Place & Remove A Custom Hearing Aid
HOW TO: Replace Battery of Custom Hearing Aid
HOW TO: Replace Ear Tip Of Your Hearing Aid
Different Types & Styles of Hearing Aids
HOW TO: Replace Ear Tip Of Your Hearing Aid
When does hearing loss start? Q&A Pt.1 (Senior Profile Interview)
Amplifier vs Hearing Aid? Ear Health Q&A Part 2 (Senior Profile Interview)
Should you use Q-Tips? Ear Health Q&A Part 3 (Senior Profile Interview)
Is hearing loss related to dementia? Q&A Pt.4 (Senior Profile Interview)
How Heart Health Affects Ear Health
Protect Your Ears From Loud Noises
 Hearing Aids Can Improve Quality of Life
How Ear Health Can Affect Overall Health
How are hearing loss and diabetes related?
How Do You Hear?