Learn more about Tinnitus

Do you or anyone you know have a ringing sound in your ears? The perception of sound without an actual external sound is known as Tinnitus.

I’d like to discuss Tinnitus and how it may negatively affect your overall health and social well-being. Even moderate cases of Tinnitus can interfere with your ability to work and socialize.

People with Tinnitus may experience: Distress, Depression, Anxiety, Frequent mood swings, Sleep disturbances, Irritability, Poor concentration, and Pain. No two patients and no two tinnitus cases are alike. The best treatment option is often contingent on an array of factors unique to each patient, and sometimes, successful management of tinnitus may require overlapping treatment layers.

There are many excellent tools to help patients manage their condition and treatments that can reduce the perceived intensity, omnipresence, and burden of tinnitus.

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