Seven Signs You May Have Hearing Loss

Seven signs you may have hearing loss

Similar to any medical condition, the sooner you address the signs that you may have hearing loss, the better.  Here are ten signs that may indicate hearing loss:

1. You can’t hear well on telephone calls. 

If the volume on your telephone is at its maximum and you still have difficulty understanding your friend, co-worker, or client.

2. You have trouble hearing when more than one person is speaking 

Our ability to process multiple competing signals deteriorates over time. Being occasionally lost when following a conversation isn’t always a sign of hearing loss, however, if you consistently have difficulty keeping up when two or more people talk at the same time, you may have hearing loss.

3. Your family and friends complain that your TV is too loud. Turning your television louder doesn’t always help to make the sound clearer. However, If you consistently need the TV so loud that it’s uncomfortable for others in the room, it’s time to get a hearing test.

4. You’re tired from straining to listen to conversations. 

If a typical day of conversing with co-workers, friends, and family leaves you feeling tired or gives you a headache, you may have a hearing loss. 

5. You have trouble hearing when in a noisy environment. 

Does background noise make it difficult for you to hear a conversation even if it is with a person sitting next to you? People with hearing loss often have problems masking out background noise to focus on speech. 

6. You need to ask people to repeat themselves  

If you fail to hear someone speaking from 10 feet away, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a hearing loss. However, if you are consistently asking those around you to repeat themselves, you should have your hearing checked.

 7. You misunderstand what people say. 

 Misunderstanding people can be embarrassing. Misunderstanding speech the embarrassment stems from the beginnings of high-frequency hearing loss that affect our ability to discern the sounds of speech. Hearing loss within a specific frequency range is common, and with age, hearing loss becomes more frequent. Because women and children speak at higher pitches or frequencies, it’s often more challenging to hear them. 

Even people with perfectly normal hearing have trouble understanding someone or hearing them in a challenging environment. However, if more than a few of these signs are becoming more frequent, it is time to get a hearing test!  Hearing loss is well-understood. The testing is easy and painless, and there are solutions to fit every budget.

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